Aritas Foreign Trading Ltd.

Aritas Foreign trading Ltd. Co. was founded in 1991 to represent and market foreign machine tools and equipments to the Turkish manufacturing industry especially to the automotive industry. After rapid and successful growth, Aritas LTD began to expend in other sectors such as electronics, software systems, food sector, cryogenic equipment and peripheral products.

Currently Aritas LTD represents over 18 world wide known foreign companies in Turkey and is part of the group of companies Hisar Celik A.S., Hamas, A.S., Hisko A.S., Aritas Manufacturing A.S., Ada, A.S., Inka A.S., Hisko A.S, Mors Electronics A.S., Mira A.S.

The most important value of Aritas LTD within the group is its experience with international companies and the strategic relations with the local companies, the government and various organizations.



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